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Howdy all, I have been playing DayZ for a long time now. I started back when the mod had first come out, and was very excited once standalone finally was released. Then like most people I had a sour taste after a few months of play. Here recently with the introduction of the .60 patch I finally decided to give it another go, and this time I was not disappointed! However, 1 thing has always been a pain in the backside to me... the community. No matter what server I played on KOS reigned supreme, and I have finally said enough. I remember a friend telling me about RP servers and that they were awesome, and while it didn't always stop KOS, it greatly helped with it, as well as immersed you into the world of dayz. I want to become part of this community and look forward to having fun and immersing myself into the world of Chernarus with you people. I have yet to name my character, but that will be rolled out here shortly. I am EST time zone and would prefer to play on US server, but I am willing to make an exception to play on European. I look forward to meeting you guys :D

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Sup dude o/

If you have any questions regarding the community, our rules and our whitelist, feel free to shoot me a pm :)

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