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My brother cant register

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My brother (under same IP adress) is blocked by spam blocker. We tried the link at the bottom of the web page that is labled "Contact Us" but it does not do anything. How else does my brother aproach sending an E-mail to the dayzrp admins with his acount info?

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You and your brother have to go on teamspeak and talk with a staff member to confirm you are two separate people.

Also, the email is [email protected]

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First off, I'm guessing your brother is getting an error when creating his account because there's already an account registered to that IP. If so then he will have to create his account VIA smart phone that isn't connected to your local WiFi, After that is done you can then connect to your account on a PC and activate it via the activation email that was sent to the email address you registered that account with

After thats done you and your brother will have to jump into the teamspeak (ts.dayzrp.com) and join the waiting for staff help channel, A staff member will get in touch with you quickly and you will have to confirm to them that you are infact two different people on one IP address by speaking at the same time on TS

After all that is done you guys should be good to go

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