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New Era - 63.9 [Open Frequency]

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*Dmitri turns his radio on, annoyed by the static*

"Three bits of advice for you pal, first of all, go find radio that doesn't sound like it is from bottom of the ocean da? Fucking hell is all that static annoying. Second, work on your King Joffrey impression. Is shit. And third, take whatever bullshit you are going on about elsewhere. Its giving me a headache."

*Dmitri turns his radio off and goes back to sleep*

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:: Jack sits in the lawn chair he found in the church closet of Cherno, and gazes to the ocean, enjoying a vacation by the water ::

"Hey uh, what exactly are you talking about? I mean. I've heard some stupid shit over this little sound box everyone uses, but this. This takes the cake pal. I think I heard something about finding out the truth? Well the truth is, this is not no fuckin vacation. This shit is real. I suggest you go find some friends, hunker down in some shit house, and sit their and wait until help arrives...Or you die, which ever comes first"

:: Jack sips his pipsi, raises his silenced 1911, shoots the infected walking towards him, and then continues pondering his actions as he watches the sea ::

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*Brutus hears the voice come through, listens quietly. He nods along with some of

the words. He speaks*

Dominants... pursuit of purpose... conveying the work you left...

This is interesting, this is very interesting.

*He releases the PTT, staring at his Satanic shrine. Wondering who the mysterious voice belongs to.*

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*The mysterious voice appears once again on the frequency*


*The frequency goes silent*


*The mysterious voice appears once again on the frequency*

I reach out to you again, from this far distance

The world is changing and I know that you are changing with it

I have heard of your progress and am amazed by how far you’ve come and how tirelessly you are working to achieve what you came here for:


Anders, you finally expressed your anger.

Anita, you know how to take what you want.

Nicko, you’re confronting your fear.

Leo, you have shown wisdom in judgement.

The remaining of you I am not addressing, but I know of your journey and astonishing progress.

Remember, not all that glitters is gold. Your accomplishments are one thing and your failures are another.

Before I left I told your Dominants to show empathy and remember the path they walked.

To show you love and understanding.

You have taken that for granted and strayed from your paths.

Time is running out, therefore we cannot let you continue like you are, I have asked the Dominants to intensify your process and use a firmer approach to your failures.

I have allowed them to contact me in situations of grave importance, and none other than those.

Do not worry nor long for me.

I am present in all of your dominants.

They are my equals

And soon enough… You will be too.

*The frequency goes silent*

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