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The despair of Kyro Ahris

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My name is Kyro Ahris, I am, well I was a an elite member of the UNSOG the United Nations Special Operations Group. My initial assignment was to defend medical workers the UN sent into Chernarus, everything was going along as well as could be expected. We had the occasional patient turn on us and had to be put down but, what else could we do there was nothing left for them. Approximately two weeks into my assignment the comms went dead. Things in here were getting rough, the infection number was off the charts, and we were getting hit almost every night. There were 3 of us left, myself and two doctors. We made a group decision that we couldn't stay in town anymore and we would make our way for the forest to set up camp and live off what animals may still be out here. We left first thing in the morning and within an hour of our journey we found a woman kneeling down in the middle of the road, thankfully for her I had two doctors with me. As we approached the woman I got a feeling that something was off but, in this place nothing seemed right anymore so I shook it off. As the doctors spoke to her and got close she lunged backwards and 4 men rose up from the ditches with assault weapons directed at us. They told us to get down on the ground and not to make any movement they didn't tell us to make. We slowly got to the ground, one of the men came over to me and asked me why I had military gear. I explained I was a part of a Special unit in the UN that was sent into Chernarus to defend it's citizens and give what aid I could. The man told me he was not doing this out of spite but it was his group or ours. He told me to strip down and he would give me his civilian clothes in exchange for my military gear. I had to comply, we traded clothing and they took my pack and M4. It was a devastating blow but, no where near as devastating as what was about to come. One of the doctors was a female, a beautiful young woman whom one of our captors seemed to fancy. He grabbed her by the hair and started pulling her off the road to the field, she hit him as hard as she could so he hit her with the butt of his gun and she was knocked out. The man that was accompanying me reacted and charged the man, he was shot down with 3 shots. The woman was then executed. In this confusion I decided it was my time to get out of here. I ran, not knowing which direction I was headed but I ran. As far as I could. Not a single shot was fired in my direction, probably because they knew they had everything from and I would most likely die out here on my own. My name is Kyro Ahris and I am not dead. Only forgotten.

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