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Leonard Church


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Apon leaving for now and having my account most likely being deactivated does that mean my Character will be lost as well the one that we were all required to make? Just wondering thanks again for the help.

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Your account won't be deleted no matter how long you are away for. That only happens to accounts which haven't posted on the forums. Your character and the character page for him will be perfectly safe, just be sure to have a good IC reason for where he's been for however long you'll be away for.

Does this answer your question?

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If you make a leaving thread your posting rights and whitelist may be removed for one month. If you come back sooner you can speak to an Admin to see if they can activate it for you. Your account does not get deleted.

Notice #3 - Leaving threads

Because of the increased number of "fake" leaving threads where the person creating the thread returns to the community just after a few days or never actually leaves, we will be suspending these accounts posting rights and whitelist for a minimum of 1 month and it will be up to the admins discretion to give them back if they ask to return. The posting rights will be revoked 24 hours after the leaving thread has been created, so you still have a chance to comment and respond to posts in your leaving thread.

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As Castiel rightly said your account will not be removed because you have posted on the forums. Your character page/pages will also remain.

Hopefully this answers your question, I will go ahead and /Solve this thread. Don't hesitate to ask anything else. Have a nice break :)

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