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The fine line of power-gaming a hostage?

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So I've been confused by this for a while, and usually I prefer to play on the safe side of things and emote "*Attempts to punch hostage in his face* //Do I succeed?" Now my question is, if the victim is bound and on his knees is it considered power-gaming to punch, or emote punch, someone without permission?

 I know things like perma-scarring without permission are very very abusive when it comes to power-gaming. If anyone could clear this up, or point me in to a thread that has already answered this question then that would be fantastic.

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Powergaming refers solely to permanent effects, such as scars or burns or anything visible that will last for a long time.

If the hostage is bound, you are perfectly allowed to punch, kick, slap, or do whatever, seeing as punching wouldn't leave scars or any permanent damage.

You can do even more than punching and kicking, you can cut people (as in slicing within the game's mechanics), too. You can shove someone's head in a toilet, or waterboard someone. Whatever floats your boat.

Feel free to get creative, you don't always have to scar someone.

Examples of things that would need permission would be: Scarring (Initials, Messages, Etc.), removing teeth, removing limbs, removing anything really, and carvings of any sort, seeing as these permanently effect the character.

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Okay, cool. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

This can be /solved unless any admins have anything to add.

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While Power-Gaming does apply to permanent affects like Boston said, it does also apply to things like: *trips you and makes you fall down*.

In your situation, however, if the victim is bound up like that you are more than able to beat him up without having to ask if it succeeds.


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