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I'm currently learning French in school as my third foreign language (next to English and Russian, I'm German myself) and therefore I thought that I'd just learn it like I did with the others, by speaking to people in that language. Basically, I'm speaking with my parents in Russian, and there are plenty of people on the Internet to speak English with, but I don't know any French people at all that I could talk to.

I already thought about joining some French role playing community, but for that, my French is simply not good enough yet (around 1 year experience now), that's why I'm afraid of doing so in this early stage, and before doing something like that, I'd like to simply talk to individuals that know about my situation.

So now comes the deal, I don't want to just 'have French lessons for free', but I want to play games while simply communicating in French, having real conversations. I have a big list of games in my Steam library where you can pick from if you're interested, it really doesn't matter to me which one, and maybe this will be a wonderful internet friendship at some point.


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