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Hey guys! Im new here!

About myself

Im 19 and im from sweden. I've been rping for several years in games such as Gmod and games like that, when i heard that dayz had rp and with the new 0.60 patch this seems like more than a good opportunity to try it out! See you in game bois and gurls :D

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Welcome! :)

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Hello and welcome, McStevens! I wish you the best of luck with your whitelist application if you haven't already been accepted, and of course a lot of fun. Maybe we'll meet each other one day in Chernarus, would definitely be nice. Always good to see new faces.

Oh, and btw, don't forget to make another post in a different forum section within the next 30 days, so that your account doesn't get deleted. :)

See you around!

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