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DayZ Chronicles Series #1 - The Dream Team

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If there is any problem regarding a rule violation with posting this content, I will take it down immediately. I saw nothing against it in the rules and a Community Helper informed me it could be allowed as I planned on making a DayZRP Series.

DayZ Chronicles is a Youtube series in which I record, edit, and upload various things that happen during a DayZ server. The first and second batch of recordings (Second batch, which I am still going through) are NOT done on any of the DayZRP servers, but instead on a public RP server hosted on a private hive.

I do plan on doing Series 2 on the DayZRP servers, titled "DayZ Chronicles Series #2 - The Crimson King", but I have yet to record something on the server yet as I wanted to get situated in a spot that would give a constant flow of good, consistent footage. I'm posting Series #1 on here for feedback, thoughts on the editing and quality of the content, as well as if you would like to see this kind of thing done for this community- Since it seems the media market is over-saturated with people who are doing pretty much the same thing. The last thing I want to do is add to the stagnation.

The first four episodes have a very quiet recorder microphone (me), but everything past that seems to be of decent quality. Please give feedback if possible, even if it is negative. Thank you very much in advance!

Episode one can be found below.


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