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Why hello there~

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Alexi    9


My Name's Curtis (For the love of god, call me Alex, I hate my name)

I'm from the lovely land of Ireland. I joined around a month ago, after realising the account I used back in the DayZRP mod days was deleted, due to inactivity. I never played anyway, I had a shite PC.

I've made a few mistakes upon entering, but hey, everyone's human, right?

Hopefully I'll be able to fit right in with this community, the staff team are nice and the RP is brilliant! I've already got a group in the works with some friends, with tonnes of good lore and backstory. Not to mention a handful of experienced RP'ers. It should be good fun!

TL;DR - Hello, I'm an Irish pleb, nice to meet you!

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Daisy    113

Hello Curtis ... ehm, Alex! Nice to see that you've finally decided to give this community a shot and be active here. You will definitely not regred it. So have fun and stay safe! :)

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