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Betrayed: The Oath and I

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Journal of Cotton - Entry 4

I've been making mental notes of these journals but actually forgetting to write them down. Silly me.

Something horrible happened to me today. I lost the only person I could trust.

He didn't die.

I'm a travelling medic, you may have seen me already, I tend to move around the Starry/Novy area, offering help, playing healer and the like.

I travel with a friend, Tom.

I travelled with a friend, Tom.

We played saints and were the persons people needed.

That got us into some shit, to say the least.

We were held hostage in the middle of a gunfight at the church in Starry and Tom was ordered at gunpoint to save one of their friends. 

I'll leave a small drawing I did at the bottom, just to, well, illustrate the situation, make it end on a laugh instead of a depressing note.

 Forgive my drawing skills.

He got shot.

Destroyed most of his supplies except two rags and a saline bag.

As soon as he got the guy up, he was shot in the head. Right infront of us.

I started to feel pointless by that time. Tom must've felt worse.

Much worse.

The day after, we met up with a man called Vladimir, the "Child-Eater," so to speak.

And that's when I started to notice the change in Tom.

The shift in his demeanour.

The grit in his voice.

He ditched his paramedic jacket for full black gear.

He aimed a gun at someone. It's the first time I've seen him do it.

I think the worst part was the flippant disregard for human life.

We took an Oath to help people and he MURDERED a man I think he killed a man. It might have been Vladimir, I don't know really.

And he just gives me the guy's gloves saying "he won't be needing these anymore."

The page has a few droplets staining the paper near the bottom

I would have taken the bullet for you if I had known you would end up like this.

You would've patched up my wounds, called me an idiot and we'd laugh. We would laugh about it. I would be in pain but I would laugh.

We would laugh.

And now

I don't know what to think anymore.

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