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Rogério SkyLab

Operation Goliath, all over again!

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Wassup bros. I was having a little bit of brainstorming today, and I thought of the following:

[align=left]-An ArmA 3 DayZRP Server.

[align=left]-The map isn't specific. Any map could do: Namalsk, Taviana or even Napf (This would bring great memories).

[align=left]-Normal RP rules apply.

I have a list of mods to work with. Mods like:





The catch would be, there are weekly / diary missions that the actual Game Master can do.

If the Admins set up a RCON for the server, and allow the logged in Administrators to access the 'Zeus' module, they can actually create mission for the players, or the Admins could just do like Operation Goliath, and BE the actual enemy.

But in the way I described, with Zeus, they can place individual units, not only BLUFOR, OPFOR soldiers, but also zombies, if they use the "Ryan Zombies" mod, since they are an actual unit in the game, and not a script on civilian characters. The Admins could set a horde, and transmit a broadcast about it on the radio. They could set up Supply Drops and Base Invasions for the players.

I feel like this can be greatly used as a tool for RP and game-play overall, but I can't see all the applications of it alone, since it has a wide variety of those. If any of you have any other suggestion, leave it on the replies!

It doesn't need to be another project. It can be some events to contribute to the Lore of the original server, like OP Goliath was.

Leave your opinion guys!

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This would be an interesting event if you can get enough people to play.+1

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