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Karichii's Graphics/Photo Editing and GIFS (Limited)

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I decided to make a thread, providing my service to community members, that may be looking for some help, involving Graphics or Photo Editing, although it is not a profession of mine, but a very strong interest and hobby, that I will most definitely be studying in University.

For now though, if you do require any help with any thread Graphics, Signatures, Avatars, or any Screenies that may need to be edited, hit me up with a PM, or leave a reply here, with the code below filled in.


Avatar, Signature, Thread or other: 

Any specific fonts, or type?:

Specific image(s), or text you want used:

Description of what you would like done:

Anything extra?:

Thread will be developed overtime with example of work as they are produced, as yes, I am aware the OP is looking a bit bare boned...


Wait List:





ps I don't do illustrations or drawings of any kind

[align=right]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ABb1xmj.png                                   

The Rangers











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Hi i wonder could you maybe help me i need to add group members photos onto my page 

Needs to look like this : http://imgur.com/BFmDU1n

Needs to be done:




If possable could you let me know thanks

Can be done, will work on all of it for you when I have my free time.

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Will be doing stuff again, but will be limited as im starting College soon, apologies for inconveniences in the past, but im open for requests again.

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Ahh, one of the people who helped me out <3 one of the best <3

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