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Dying armbands?

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I'm sure I've seen dyed armbands many times in game. However, I just tried to put a white armband, 5 red berries, and a white t-shirt into a barrel, I closed the lid and right clicked the barrel and clicked "color clothing" and all the berries disappeared... and then nothing happened. Waited a long time and nothing happened. Next, I tried using bleach to bleach the armband white and tried it again with 5 more red berries.... same thing, nothing happened.

I looked around and I found nothing saying that dying is currently broken, so I'm wondering has anyone had success dying clothing or armbands? How do you do it?

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I dye t-shirts quite often, and it's a bit buggy. A lot of the time, the t-shirt/armband will show up as white, but it doesn't seem to be dyed. Relogging doesn't work, but if you restart your game it should work. It may show up as still white for you, it might not but most of the time does. It will show up as dyed for others though. I recommend you to have a friend with you to ask them if they see it as dyed. I have a red t-shirt that I've dyed and it normally shows as white on my person, but in my inventory shows as red, and others see it as red. It's just a bit buggy in this patch is all.

Hope this may have helped you a little :)

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Thanks BlazerPazer72, I'll try to make sure next time that I have someone with me in case it appears dyed to them even though it is still white on my end. Has anybody else had any success dying (particularly in 0.60) or have any advice?

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Seeing as the above post answered your question, I'm going to go ahead and mark this as solved. However, I'll leave it open for further discussion.

I haven't had much experience with the dying mechanics in the game myself, minimal in all honesty. But, I've attempted it a few times and It take quite a while for me. For the color to change, that is. Hopefully someone will be able to brush up on the topic a little further.

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