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Urgent medical assistance

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gloopan    1

 *Miroslav presses the PTT button on his portable radio*

*Yelling at his brother*

Gdje ti je zavoj jebemti sve!

*Speaking into the radio*

Help! My brother and I were ambushed near the big military airfield and he got shot in the leg!

I heard there were some doctors in Novy Sobor, so that's where we are heading to.

Our names are Miroslav and Mihael Yugo, remember us please!



*Sounds of shuffling through a bag are heard before the transmission cuts out*

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Mercy    504

Hope takes the radio with the distress call.

"Hello, I'm currently resting from a situation that has occurred however I can dispatch one of my doctor's to you, I don't know where he is but I will get him to respond. Sit down and do not travel, we do not want your friend to damage any more muscle tissue if the bullet has not passed through. Bare with us."

She goes to contact one of her men on her frequency.

Hope switches back to the transmission.

"Medical dispatch on their way. Come into our more private frequency 91.1 or 99.9."

Hope awaits a response.

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