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[Open Frequency] 92.7 - Altar Radio

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- The voice you hear is very crisp. The microphone used must be of a very high quality -

Hello everyone listening. My name is Dan Keivar, and I'm the manager of Altar Radio! This frequency will be used as a way to contact us over at Altar Radio. If you are trying to listen to the broadcasts of our highly talented radio hosts, change the frequency of your Walkie-Talkies or radios to 87.8 and you are just in time to hear the latest news and stories!

- The voice fades away -

- After a few minutes you hear the same message again -

Hello everyone listening. My name is Dan Keivar, and I'm the mana-

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*Lucas holds in the green button*

Hello all fellow survivors my name is Lucas Woods and i am a Reporter for the Altar Radio station up on Altars hill like the message says this will

be a radio station for the daily news and daily reports on everything and anything that happens in the land of chernarus so if you have any sweet 

news for us go ahead and take a little run or walk what ever you like to the Altar hill i hope to see you all up there giving us some Really good new 

thanking you from the bottom of are hearts and don't die out there and stay safe singing out from Altar hill it has been your one and only Lucas -  

Woods the reporter...

*Lucas lets go of the green button*

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