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The story of Jango Anderson (feed back is always welcome)

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My name is Jango Anderson and I was once known as one of the best hockey players in The United Sates. I led my team to three NHL championships, including two gold metals. One thing I've learned about life through my time playing hockey is that everything comes to an end one way or another, that day for me came sooner than I would have ever expected. My life changed forever when I was playing against team Russia in a scrimmage before the olymics, when out of no where I was hit from behind and went head first into the boards. I was rushed to the hospital where I was put under extreme care. The doctors told me I would never be able to walk again in my life, and will have to spend all my days in a wheelchair. It's way to hard to descibe what is felt like for me to put in words so I will just have to leave it there. My new life was so hard for me after I've been active for all those years and playing hockey everyday of my life. I almost ended it all when I was on the top of my apartment building where there was no railing; however, something kept me from doing it. My new chance at life came one day when one of my close friends, "Mark Woods" came to visit me and explained that I could join the intelligence communication for the US army. I was a little skeptical about it at first, but I decided to take the chance. A few army represitives wheeled me there car and brought me to the airport, where I was then sent to an army headcourters in England. I fell in love with communications and became so good at it that I was promoted to do work on the new operation occuring in Chernarus. They ended up transporting me to one of the bases they had setup by North East Airfield. After the United States pulled out, I was still left to do a few more communication work with the patrols still in the area. Everyone in my office started spreading news that some kind of infection was spreading around a few towns near by and that we had to leave the country. They set us up with a bunch of citizens in a cargo plane that started taking fire on our way off the runway and somehow I think one the engines went out or something and the plane crashed into a hotel building. I could smell burning flesh and the sounds of screams of injured passengers. I unstraped myself from my wheel chair that was strapped to the back and fell out of the plane onto part of the building that was still intaked. I felt bad leaving the people up there, including my friends from the army, but I had to let them go, there was nothing I could do.. As I rolled my self to get a look at the plane, I fell off the building and hit the ground hard. I tell myself a miracle happened when I fell, but for some reason I could suddenly walk again! I ran and found lots of dead bodies and also a few survivors of the wreck. We all stuck together and decided to make a camp in the western wood lands. It's been nearly over a year we have been here and the woods are running dry of animals. It's time to go into the land of the infected!

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