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Hello people, new here.

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Hey all, been lurking here on and off for a year and enjoyed reading all your stories about whats happening in-game.

DayZ finally decided to work on my pc again so I thought I would try to join DayZRP once again. (failed an application a year ago)

Either way Im happy to join the forums and properly introduce myself.

23 year old Swedish guy living in Ireland since a couple years back, loving the place.

Other than gaming I enjoy the occasional Jam session (guitarist/singer here) with my friends and then my favourite past-time : Tabletop rpgs.

I really hope to succeed in the whitelisting process so I can start playing.

Hope to see you all ingame :)

All the best

- J

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Welcome back man! Hope you enjoy your time here :D

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Welcome (back) and best of luck with your whitelist! Hope to meet you one day in Chernarus, and hope that you'll be nice to my beloved char. :D

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