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An official appeal for infomation.

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The following message loops occasionally. 


Greetings, fellow civilians of this blessed land, this is Mr Chang.

The past few days, the Kingdom have attempted to establish contact with an organisation called Sector 99. Somewhere along the lines, our source was unsure.  We received intelligence that they harbour aggression against us and we have reached out to give them a fair say.

Unfortunately, they have refused and this has forced my hand in announcing for an open call for any infomation on this strange order of such. We appeal for our vassal houses and allies to participate in this as well.

Any infomation or perhaps even someone from this organisation will be greatly appreciated. We are contactable at our official frequency of 13.37. We may offer rewards if need be.

Even better would be them stepping out with the same bollocks they had to be so treasonous to explain themselves.

Thank you for your kind attention.


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