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Random Broadcast [OPEN FREQ]

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Bron sits down infront of the radio and takes a deep breath before picking it up and speaking into it.

"Hello, my name is Bron Shjird. I'm a survivor, just like you, and I need a group I can join. A group i can trust. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty if need be...If there is anyone out there, listening to this broad cast then please respond on this frequency, I'll be listening day and night. If I do not respond instantly then something has happened and I'll respond as soon as i can, stay with me. Please, anyone respond."

Bron places the radio back down and stares into the burning embers of his fireplace.

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*Carl pick up his radio*

Hello Bron my name is Carl i'm alone too so if you wanna meet up please tell me the location and time, i will be there in a few, See you soon

*Carl turns off his radio*

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*Some vague voice transmit over the radio "Why do we have neon colored rags lying around"*

"Morgan screwed up with his herbal coloring project I believe… ehh sorry about that bron and carl, as of right now everybody is doing his own thing around here"

*Brief pause*

"Anyways, me and my friends are always looking for other survivors like us, and to join us in this apocalypse and make the best of it. And yes you can get your hands dirty with us, but only if you fancy yourself growing your own vegetables and fruits haha"

"We are more than willingly to take you guys in and hopefully spend more days together"

"You must realise though… we are only here to do good, so harming people in any way or lowering their chances of survival is out of the question"

"Our offer stands to other listeners as well! We always listen to frequency 76.9, if tou are interested, that is the wa to contact us"

"I have to save joseph bow from oir old man's stories but I will keep the radio on on 76.9"

*Some footseps in the grass can be heard before the radio goes silent*

//Sorry for the grammar ans spelling, writinf rhis drom my phone

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