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Typing out actions?

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How do I go about typing an "action" while RPing. I understand to talk OOC you type //.

For example, instead of just pulling out a gun and pointing it at someone, what would be the proper way of typing "I slowly reach down for my gun" or something of that nature?

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You do just like you did right now, only that people write the action inside *here* and speak by just writing in the text bar without using " or * around the sentence. At least from what I have seen and do.


Don't you dare talk to me like that. *She narrows her eyes and hold the gun tightly with her hands*

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Pretty much how you did it just now. But keep in mind of the word limit that you have. Its called Emoting *She takes a seat and begins to organize her backpack.* Things like that, and it adds some nice depth to the roleplay.

You can have long drawn out emotes, but if your on the go make it simple and sweet.

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Most standard thing to do is either use colons or asterisks.

:: Punches Conor in the face. :: (or use asterisks * instead)

Things like that usually do the trick. ;)

Obviously some things the game mechanics allow you to do, others you may wish to emote out. Keep it realistic and all will be well.

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