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South Zagoria Trading Co. [Recruitment: Closed]

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Do you need something in particular? The men and woman of the South Zagoria Trading Co. are here to support the fellow survivors during these end of the world type times. We will provide you with food, water, and a bed to sleep in our trading post. All for trade of course.



Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.”

Human trafficking, while lucrative, can be a burdensome business. Rumors ignite -- Even when the business men and women exhaust themselves and their resources on public relations control.

For the Matchmakers and the Brokers, adaptation was required.

“It is impossible to live in the past, difficult to live in the present and a waste to live in the future.”

Both successful in their own right, the human trafficking factions faced a potential for conflict between each other. Two such entities could not coexist forever when feeding off the same profit pool. Relations between the Brokers and the Matchmaker’s were cordial due to mutual understanding, but strained by the threat that the others very presence presented to the others livelihood. This underlying tension was further inflamed by the acknowledgement that, even if an attempt to annihilate the competitive faction was successful, the victors may easily fall prey to other hostile groups while weakened by the expenditure of their own resources.

An alternative to violence was required.

“The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows - a wall against the wind.”

Through a series of letters, an alternative emerged – And with it a new era of human trafficking.

The Broker’s and the Matchmaker’s united. Divvying the profit pool between males and females –male products to the Broker’s, females to the Matchmakers – provided each faction the satisfaction of their own sense of autonomy. But the merging strengthened them.

United, they could dominate of the mind and body of Chernarus, and reap the profit accordingly.

And so, the South Zagoria Trading Company began.


The goals of the South Zagoria Trading Company are as follows:

1. To trade goods and services with the survivors of South Zagoria - In Progress

2. Assist in gathering supplies, information gathering,

observation, protection, or taking care of other survivors - In Progress

3. To establish a large settlement in which we can base our trade out of - Completed

4. To set up a stable hierarchy within that town or trade post - Completed

5. To assist other divisions in any task they may have - In Progress

6. To work with our own private security team

to ensure the safety of our employees and customers - In Progress

7. To establish a network of trading posts throughout South Zagoria - Completed


The local traders will be the front lines of business for The South Zagoria Trading Company. They will own the shops in our towns, and run the trading post on our routes

Lucious Mendez

Avery Patton

Dembe Mumbasa

Kenneth Jimson



Who are we?

The Brokers are a collection of traders who are willing to do whatever it takes to make a profit.

Broker's v1 Lore

Sitting alone in an abandoned house, Jack was in deep thought about what he would do next. Dexter and Ryan were missing, and Dean was dead. He heard sounds of the infected around the house he was in. Everything was going so well before this. Jack only assumed that Dexter and Ryan were gone, grieving Deans death. He was left to fend for himself with no one to support him. It wasn't long before thoughts of suicide were flooding Jack's brain. He looked over to his rifle with the intent to end his own life. At the very moment he reached for his gun an infected woman busted through the old decaying wood door guarding the entrance to the house. Jack jumped to his feet and instinctively pulled out his knife and shoved it through her skull. At that moment, while looking at the dead women on the floor, he had forgotten the thoughts of his creating his own death. He would try to find his place in this world.

Jack pulled the knife out the woman's head, picked up his pack, put his rifle on his back and walked out of the house. The sun was coming up and as he looked to the horizon, his radio crackled. He put it to his ear and listened

"is any...out.. we need help...too many.. Zeleng..

And it cut out.

Jack was familiar with the area so he knew the stranger was saying Zelenegorsk. He thought in his mind that this was his chance to become a new person, so he started travelling South West to help them.

After almost a day of travelling, Jack arrives in Pogorevka, a town just North East of his final destination. He stops at a well to fill up his canteen when he hears faint music. It seems to be coming from a near by building. He knows he is on a mission but he gets curious and goes to the building and walks inside. He sees a man sitting, leaning up against a wall with a cowboy hat tipped down over his face and a half empty bottle of gin next to him. The man looks up from his drunken state and Jack nearly drops his canteen. It was Ryan, sitting right in front of him for the first time in nearly three months. A few moments later he heard a voice calling

Ryan! Holy shit man these walker things are getting out hand. I mean wow! We really got to get a move on...

As the voice got closer eventually walking through the door, Jack came face to face with Dexter Krovaski. They stared each other in the eyes for a brief moment and then with huge smiles on their faces gave each other a hug.  

"What the hell are you two doing here? I thought you were near the coast? I mean to be honest I wasn't sure where you bastards were."

They sat at the table in that house for hours speaking and catching up. Dexter told Jack about the business they were trying to get into. He said how they had become traders. While talking Dexter told Jack that they had indeed went to the coast. While there they meet a man who apparently called himself a broker. Dexter said he told them about the adventures he has as a trader, and how being a trader can help you stay on bad peoples good sides. Ryan said they had stayed there with the man for one month, learning tips and tricks. When they left the man, he told them that they should go by "The Brokers", and when Ryan asked why, he simply said, "Because, it just rings doesn't it?"  Jack also told the two about his mission to save the voice he heard over the radio. Dexter told him that he and Ryan were already starting to get the hang of this trading thing. Jack was not sure how he felt. He then asked Dexter and Ryan how they would be different from anyone else trading. Dexter then said,

"If you want to build a good reputation as a trader or trading group, trade something no else is."

After talking for a very long time, the three gentlemen would now call themselves The Brokers, and they knew what they would trade. With the help of Jack Dexter and Ryan's plan would fall into place perfectly with the "rescue" of the voice over the radio.He said they had done some successful trades, but nothing big yet. They needed me to find more guys, more guns.

Brokers v2 Lore

Jack had been taken. He was walking towards Stary when suddenly everything went black. He woke up dazed and confused. He was in some sort of a shack. It was dark. A bit damp. After his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could tell how big the shack was, he could also see some stuff on the ground near the door. A can of peaches, a can opener, and a small hand radio. 

Every once in awhile the radio would make noise. A faint voice would speak. The first time it spoke was this..

"Hello Jack, I hope you have come accustomed to your new home. I am sure you will find it up to the standards at which your products are subjected too. Someone will be by shortly to retrieve the can opener. I don't want you to do anything you should't with it. Now my boy, take a seat and relax, because you're not going anywhere for awhile"

Now, its not all about Jack right? What happened to other guys? Lets see..

Vlad? He went off with some other pals from before Jack went missing. The Brokers hung out with them for awhile, so it made sense for Vlad to move on.

Jake? No idea where Jake went. Probably down south or something. With how cautious that guy was, he probably went into hiding for awhile. 

Not sure about everyone else. They probably went on and made new lives. 

The rest of the fellas went away I can only assume.

So, Back to Jack.

After a few weeks of endless days, cold nights, and minimal food, Jack was weak. He thought about his chances of escape every day. Even if he could get out, could he run away? Was someone watching the shack from the outside? he didn't know. But he had to try to eventually. He couldn't sit on this damp ground any more. He took the radio, with what little power it had left, and he sent a message to his friends. He told them what had happened, and not to come look for him anymore, just in case his escape didn't work, they would surely kill him.

He planned, for dayz he tried to see out of the cracks of the door. Looking for anything he could use as a useful way to get out of there. One week later he had it planned. He took the radio and threw it against the wall. It broke into pieces, some sharp. He would take one of the pieces, and when the man came to give him more food, he would use it to kill him. Now this plan would only work if the man came alone, and he didn't know that. But he had to take the risk.

Turns out, it totally worked. The prick came in, Jack cut him up, and walked out of that fucking shack. What he saw horrified him. Rows and Rows of shacks, just like his. All with locks on the outside. He was too weak, and honestly, Jack isn't the kind of guy to give a shit about others, so he left and ran to safety. He kept running, till he was too tired to stand. he had no idea where he was. He travelled for days, until he saw water. He was at the coast of his old stomping ground. He eventually made his way to Chernogorsk where he would rest and lay low for about a week, before making his way back to the devils road to regain his business. 

Mitch Baxter

Jack Warren

Sadie Crowley

James Keith

Xavier Reyes

Jimmy Boyden

Jasha Kusmin

Jack Rabbit

Jake Brooks

Lakeland Nolan



Who are we?

This is a hostile group, but considerate and intelligent RP are required. This isn’t a group that cuts someone up just because they caught them and they don’t know what to do with them. Torture is used, but only as a means to an end and it’s never just for fun. Killing of victims is forbidden unless… 1. the target is a threat to your person 2. they have agreed ooc to permadeath (and even then, only if the rp leads to it.) 3. extreme case of non-compliance or NVFL that is damaging role-play potential. Outside of this, killing is pointless. We’re currently looking for... Negotiators - for building alliances and striking bargains Militia - people who can offer protection and help in the acquisition of targets. Also looking for someone to lead this aspect of the group, since I have very little pvp experience.

A diverse team of experts dedicated to your romantic success. Take a moment to check out some of the agents working for you below.

Match Maker's Lore

The founding members of The Matchmakers met as a crew of survivors. A sudden and brutal snowstorm forced them into a lonely country pub, and for three days, there was nothing to do but hunker around the fire and try to stave off the deadly cold. They rationed their food, comforted each other and pulled planks from walls and beds to burn.

And they talked. The strangers varied in age, background and experience, but over the dark timeless days, they came to trust and understand each other.

Discussion of the Chernarus societal collapse lead to talk of politics, which in turn, lead to talk of empires and corporations. They acknowledged both the power and the inevitable demise of both. “All that rises must converge”, a quote by writer Flannery O’Connor, was referenced.

Emboldened by their unity, a plan unfolded: Build a business and monopolize the commodities. They agreed that humans and information were the most lucrative commodities – and also the most untapped. Human survivors—A social and economic goldmine of power and influence.

But human trafficking -while lucrative -is still controversial. To succeed with out backlash, they agreed to avoid wielding overt power. The survivors agreed that to avoid any kind of organized resistance, they should conceal their monopoly. Their every move should be toward a specific and calculated goal, but to avoid outside interference, they would screen themselves in a veil of innocence. Instead, develop a network of partnerships. Partners to carry out your dirty work –partners to blame.

To this end, the survivors aimed to collect and train new initiates and provide these initiates as purchasable goods – wives, husbands  and concubines to paying customers.

The incentive was twofold…

Firstly, in supplies provided by clients - in the form of food, weapons and ammunition.

And secondly, in information. Information and espionage brought about by inserting their own trained initiates into the vulnerable core of their enemies hearts.

And so the Matchmakers began.

Elaina Vale

Ragnar Voss

Martin Jensen



The SZT Security Team. These are the men that will protect the traders of The South Zagoria Trading Company. They will protect our towns, our trade routes, and our customers.


Joe Morris

Anton Prospero

Ulysses Fears

Bourbon Malkovich


There are four divisions to choose from when thinking of joining the SZT. You could join the Brokers, The Match Makers, the Security Team or the Local Traders of the SZT. Read the lore of each carefully and choose the best one that fits your character.


The Brokers are one of the 2 divisions that control the SZT from behind closed doors. Our goals ICly will be to continue Broker business, but to keep a watchful eye over the business in all aspects and divisions

To apply, click on the title of the group!

The Match Makers?

The Match Makers are similar to the Brokers in the aspect of human trafficking. Although they focus on the "finding love" section. Need a mate? Call Sunshine. They are the other group controlling the bidding of the SZT behind closed doors.

To apply, click on the title of the group!

Security Team?

The people who keep us safe. They protect us, our towns, and our customers. They give us valuable input when strategically planning business deals. Without them, it would all go to hell. They are the private security for The South Zagoria Trading Company.

To apply, click on the title of the group!

Local Traders of the SZT?

These members are the front line of trade and business concerning material goods. They will run the stores, trade with survivors, and provide help to others by means of trade.

This position is something I want newcomers to be a part of. I think that trading RP is a great place to start in terms of learning the do's and don'ts of role playing. Its a good place to start by doing sort of "beginner" RP, while being surrounded by veteran role players who are part of the other divisions.

To apply, click on the title of the group!


So OOCly the lore basically explains a lot. The Match Makers and the Brokers are joining forces under an "umbrella" organization. So both of the groups are basically divisions of the main entity. Now, the local traders are actual traders. For the most part the only hostile RP they will seek out is maybe helping other divisions if they need it. Other than that they are actually engaging in trading post RP. That is why I encourage newcomers to apply for a spot in that division. It's a good place to start. The Match Makers and Brokers will still be doing their original group goals but with a larger goal in mind. To make profit for the SZT. For the ranks of the group I want to keep the divisions separate in that aspect. Mainly so that the leaders of that division can decide for themselves who will be what rank.

Official South Zagoria Trading Co. Media Outpost

Official Radio Frequency of the SZT

"HUGE thank you to Rampage for the help in finding the music. All credit goes to him. Also, I would like to thank Sunshine for talking to me and wanting this idea to come together. You could have brought back the Match Makers alone but you didn't, so thanks! - Wumbyyy

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Finally :D

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Looks great!

Is there a frequency you use IG people can reach you at? Base of operation? Certain server?

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Looks great!

Is there a frequency you use IG people can reach you at? Base of operation? Certain server?

All of that will be able to be found out IG <3. There is also an open frequency on the radio chatter section of the forums!

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Reserved in 30 days <3

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Excited to help get this going, see you all in game.

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Looking good! Great luck with this, I see this bringing so much RP back to the land IF it's done right!

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Good luck guys ! <3

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Thanks everyone ^^ we're very excited about this!

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This scares me, but good luck.

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Hope to see you lads in game!

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Holy, Goodluck with this you guys.

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This looks pretty cool, good luck guys!

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Its Really happen Good Job :D

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Great stuff my dude. This is going to be awesome. HYPEE!!!

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Oh shit. Good luck. Quite the combo going on here.

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Neat concept! Less clutter too for multi- similar minded groups. +1

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Woah. Good luck.

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Damn son, good luck lads

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Holy Shit !

Hope this works out for you guys ! :)

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