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My character background story is too long


Hello everyone, I've searched for similar topics but I haven't found an answer to my question so sorry if there's something on this forum which answers my question and this topic ends up being useless :D

As the topic reads my character background story seems to be too epic for DayZRP to handle. I can only fit 7986 characters out of my 15291. I really enjoyed writing this and it sucks that I can't fit it in the form so now I'm wondering if I can send it some other way (via PM or something) or if I need to shorten my story somehow (which would be a goddamn pain in the ass if I may add.)

Answers are appreciated, I'll see you in Chernarus very soon

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Being concise and getting to the point with fewer words is wise in this case. While admirable you have doubled the length, still.

I would suggest being a tad bit more vague. Maybe chop unnecessary details or ones that you arnt sure about or could be added in at a later date.

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