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Isaiah Cortez

Likewise minds!(open freq)

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*Isaac tosses another log into the fire and hangs his jacket to dry next to it. He takes a radio from a pouch in his vest. After a brief silence he turns it on and starts pressing the PTT*

"Survivors of the infection, this is 2nd.lt Isaac Tarcape speaking. The days are tough. Bandits, conman and cannibals are infesting the land and infecting the minds of the remaining survivors with sadness, desperation and fear! But fear not! A small group of UN soldiers are willing to help anyone in need. Be it medical, food or some other kind of need.

*Isaac releases the PTT for a moment to catch breath and take a sip from spite*

"Anyway! You'll recognize me from blue UN beret and a blue armband on my left arm. You'll most likely meet me near the village of Kabanino or surrounding areas. God bless. Tarcape out"

*Isaac stops transmitting and looks into the fire thinking if he was right to inform the existence of the remains of UN troops to the survivors*

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*Vlad laughs at the transmission and decides he should respond*

"UN soldiers? You people have returned to rape and pillage this country yet again?"

*He clenches the radio tight in his hand and brings it closer to his mouth*

"I will be looking out for you."

*He ends the transmission abruptly*

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*Ondrej facepalms and presses the PTT*

*Classical music plays in the background*


"Un-fucking believable, as soon as one cancer is cut, another one grows"

"Do me a favour please and go to rape and pillage elsewhere, for once, please!"

"This will be the only time I ask nicely before I set my sights on you"

*A man screaming in the background is heard*

"That is example A on this frequency, example B will be you"

"I should probably start ramping up the heat a little more, boiled meat needs a bit more cooking if you ask me"

*Ondrej releases the PTT*

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*Damien is struggling to work his radio as usual at the clubhouse after listening to the transmission, eventually learns to transmit*

Well Jesus Christ! A little late to the party eh?!

*Laughing is heard in the background by himself and fellow brothers*

Second whatever the fuck you are don't mean shit in these lands, boy. Watch your fuckin' self.

*Damien ends the transmission, and returns to relaxing as the clubhouse.*

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* After getting punched in the face for tipping Uly's hat of his head, Lenny walks into an empty room of the clubhouse and presses the PPT button *

" You're literally a sittin fuckin' duck.. Your UN beret doesn't mean shit anymore....Yano what my advis... * Uly slaps Lenny across the back of the head and walks back out of the room, Lenny chuckles * " My advice would be to take all that fuckin' blue shit off and try to get a new life... You're gonna end up getting yourself killed lad " 

* Lenny takes his finger off the PPT Button and puts the radio back into his pocket, then goes to annoy Uly some more * 

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*Anton hears a message form his brothers to the UN guy. Scratching his head with his bloody hands he wonders why the hell a UN fuck would announce himself over the radio. Before leaving the chapel in kabanino with Dusty, Terry and Johnny he looks back at the altar. In the middle of the table is the decapitated head of the UN soldier, who left Johnny to die at the start of the infection. Looking at Johnny who still hits the UN helmet like a maniac with his field shovel, he replies.*

Eh man, we are the Pagans. We have ex-blueberries in our own ranks and they would love to meet you.

*He now laughs at the thought of Johnny and Cade beating the shit out of the UN guy. While inspecting the scars on the decapitated head saying "Jagoff"*

Yeah, well whenever you need anything, call us we will find you. 

*A bored northernirish accent can be head now*

C'mon guys we don't have for ever here...our timeframe is pretty damn tight.

*A deep american voice can now be heard within the background.*

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You shut your mouth prospect nothing's to tight.

*The transmission cuts off*

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*Boris scrambles to get his radio out*

"I'm glad to see there's still some sanity in this world, i'll hopefully see you around"

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*Travis Hears the Garbled transmission and laughs a bit before holding up his radio and clicking the button down*

" A Little Late to the party huh? I was once UN myself, ya know until they sealed the country and let everyone inside die, and let the troops still in the country rot in hell."

*He pauses shaking his head and continues speaking*

"Some advice for you friend, UN is gone so is everything else. I don't know what rock you've been hiding under but whatever you were it means Nothing now. I helped organize supply drops into Southern Zagoria, and was in Russia when they fell, So don't think being a member...*cough* excuse me ex-member of a failed global relief effort entiles you to any sort of respect, because it doesn't. You're a survivor, just like me, just like them, just like the rest of us. Don't get it twisted, out"

*Travis takes a deep breath and pockets the radio, continuing his slow jog towards the next town.*

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*Cooling blood drips inside a broken protector case under a mans corpse, twisted in unnatural ways covering the radio in the precious life liquid*

*Many messages are sounded, non heard.* 

[align=left]*Another man moves the already rotting corpse away and buries it next to a castle. He looks like he's fallen in deep thought as he makes a makeshift cross and plants it one the mans grave. He takes a bloodied blue beret and places it ontop of the cross. He returns to place where he found the body and takes the box on the ground. As he opens, it a muffled radio message is to be heard by the mans ears. He listens the short message and presses the PTT down after cleaning the radio a bit* 

[align=left]"Hello there, you on the other end. I think this fellow you tried to contact might have gone to better place now. If you care, I buried the man near the castle close to Vyshnoye. You should see it easily." 

[align=left]*Man takes a swig from his water bottle*

[align=left]"Ragged blue beret is usually seen far away."

[align=left]*Man named Pasi put's the radio gently down to the man's grave and does a small salute before heading out, into the forest*

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*Brian quickly grabs his radio after hearing "UN" over the broadcast*

"The UN? HA! I thought we ran all of you out of here?....Well, I guess there are still more for the hunting. One piece of advice, don't go walking around with that blue hard cap on, looks like target still to many..."

*Brian puts down his radio and continues skinning his deer*

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*Mark jumps after hearing mention of the UN, grabs his radio from his side and pushes the PPT button down quickly*

"UN? Theres still people from the UN running around?"

*He sounds surprised, shocked even*

"I'm a... Well I'm a former weapons technician for the British Army, I've worked on UN operations before so its good to hear some remnants of it remains..."

"Even if its just one man and a small group..."

*He sighs and leans back, resting his head on the wall*

"Good luck, its a fucked up world we live in... If you're ever in need of aid with your firearms, contact me. I'll aid you in any way I can."

*The transmission cuts off and Mark puts his radio down next to him and relaxes, hoping to get some sleep*

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