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Is the road Safe? [Open Frequency]

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*A man cautiously brings the grubby microphone close to his mouth and pushes what he thinks is the PTT*

jó napot people, vell anyone hearing this. Is the road frum Miraslav to that village...Mekanko...Kaminki? I think, Is it Dangerous or..? Infectuhs are sorrounding my tent and I...

*Snap, Snap, Snap and the sound of Infected screaming from outside*

*He drops the reciever and is silent for a moment*

Those thieving shits! my jacket and bag for slaughtering some sick people.


Anyway, about that road.

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* Lenny picks up his half broken radio and looks at it and laughs, then presses the PPT Button *

" You're scared of a few walkin down a fucking road? Well... Fuck.... If you wanna be safer don't walk right in the middle of the fuckin' road, try walking in the trees or somethin man.. Fuck... * Sighs *  Don't get killed by those fuckin' things man.. Die for somethin... * chuckles *

* Lenny removes his finger from the PPT Button to go and annoy Ulyssess about his missing hat *

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*Ivan listens briefly, rubbing his eye in an attempt to keep it open. He presses down on the PTT and speak in a low deep voice, his voice is slightly irritated.*

"Every road is dangerous. Every city is dangerous. Every town, every house, every neck of the woods is dangerous. And now that people know where you may be and where you're trying to go, it'll be even more dangerous for you.

We're all in hell now, been here for almost two years. There's nowhere safe, and there's noway out. Best get that through your head before you do something stupid."

*Ivan clicks his radio off and slumps back down on his mattress, trying to get back to sleep.*

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*hears the radio message and smiles*

There is no place where you are safe. So watch out. 


Dont get bitten. Happens sometimes faster then you may think. 


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