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Rogério SkyLab

The Path of Light Calls (Open Freq.)

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*You hear a large crack over the white noise, followed up by a clean sound coming out of the radio, as Richard begins his transmission*

"Hello there, survivors. How are you all doing? Today, I come here to make a simple broadcast."

*he takes breaths for a second, and continues*

"Everyone here know that this world is already crumbling to ashes by itself, but we, as humans, are not helping it in any way. I know that among the people that live in Chernarus, there can be found good willing people, the ones who care for each other and have hope that one day this will all end. That is the people I'm looking for. But not only then, I also came here to ask about the ones who are in need. Do you need shelter? Safety? Food? A family? We got you. If you think that you are strong enough in order to survive this wasteland, and still be a good person, contact us at 76.9. This is all for now."

*He releases the transmit button, and the frequency returns to static*

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