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Guest Canariu

Spanish, where!?

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Guest Canariu

Hello everybody. 

Before I would comment that my English is not perfect. But i love RollPlay.



Abandoned after a plane crash , Jeffry and his two friends Hispanian life are searched in an apocalyptic world.

After failed attempts in avanced, an unknown country to them and some have problems with stolen vehicles to move...


They have decided to stay in the area and seek allies to explore the world in the company .

After both survive alone it is the most productive contact and cooperate survivors. ONLY TOGEDER CAN SURVIVE!



Jeffry a boy from the south of Spain and his two friends took a trip that would change forever their vidas.Su was a holiday destination in northern Europe, a few days skiing and having a good time . While traveling the plane suffered a great disgust. They did not know very well but the plane was going down very fast high ...

Boom .. !!

They opened their eyes checked after Wounds realized they were in a city .... Chernarus.


After exploring the area they realized that this new world had a plague, a more serious disease than zombies , bandits . As a result they were forced to carry a fire arm and defend against hostilities they received almost daily.

Survivor good fortune have come to save you from the Bandits.

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Guest Turrufu


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Yes... The beautiful city of Chernarus...

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Uhhh... Are you a survivor of a plane crash?

And Chernarus is no city...

Here is the for link the Lore of DayZRP.

Maybe you want to check it out?

But welcome by the way!

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Welcome buddy!

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Hey! Welcome to the DayZRP Community, my name is Pisces and I'll give you a guide to help you out a little.

Most people new community will need some tips of such to help the in the future to prevent them from being reported in future circumstances. Here are a list of things you can look at before playing on the servers. I know it seems like a lot but trust me it's worth it.

Articles and things which will help you:

Newcomers Guide - As you're a newcomer I advise you read this one first. 

In and Out of Character Rules - We don't want you to get banned now. I know you've probably read this a thousand times but trust, OK?

Frequently Asked Questions!

The Lore - Reading the lore helps to understand what people may be going on about in game!

Solved Reports - Can show you the mistakes of others so you don't do the same!

Groups - If you're feeling a bit lonely in the community apply for a group and see if they take you on!

Mentors - If you are uncertain about things or don't feel as confident enough in roleplay you can always go to a mentor. This is a member of the community which is willing to help newcomers on there roleplay and put them on the right path.

Staff - If you have any questions and want to get a clearer answer the best place to go is staff (you can PM them on here too) or the Questions Thread.

And one final thing which may help I wrote a few things to do and don't right


Enjoy your time on the servers!

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