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Journal of A Changed Man

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*Kendrick stares at the wall for a bit before opening up an old leather-bound journal he found in an empty house. He takes a pen out of his pack and proceeds to write in it."

Entry 1

"This place, South Zagoria/Chernarus; I've been here for three weeks now. Took me almost two whole years to finally get here from my starting destination, but fuck it, I'm here. And you know, shit's not too different here than Russia besides the climate and the number of assholes I've run into on the road looking to take my shit or worse. Already got my backed carved into by a bunch of psychopaths wearing clown masks. On top of that, the whole reason why I came here was because my dipshit older brother Cade sent out a repeating distress call on some long range radio. And what happens the day before I track his whereabouts? He gets himself fucking killed because of all the sketchy shit he's been doing with equally sketchy people around Chernarus.

At first I didn't believe the stuff coming out of people's mouths. Saying that Cade was working with clowns, working with bandits, partaking in torture. But the more I heard his name around and when I finally discovered his fate, I knew right then and there that Cade wasn't the man I knew. When confronting the men who executed him, they told me the things he had done. I felt almost no pity for him at that point, feeling almost embarrassed at his actions. Yes he is my brother. Yes he his blood kin. But clearly men change in the face of something new. I mourn his death, but more so mourn his actions that led to it.

With no clear purpose in life anymore, I would've certainly gone down the same path of my brother if it weren't for his killers: Cowboy and the Brave. They offered to take me in, make me one of their own. I figured it was the least I could do to make up for Cade's mistakes. I soon found myself closer to the members of the Brave than my own family. We fought together, ate together, laughed, cried, and bled together. We're a family, something that not many people have nowadays. So here I am now, under their wing and ready to stand between a bullet and any one of those sons of bitches. Because unlike Cade, Cowboy and the rest were there for me at my lowest point in life."

2016 06 23


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Very good read, Hope for more entries!


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Nice read Raptor

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

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*Kendrick takes out his journal and begins to jot down names.*

Entry 2

If the hunger consumes you, remember these names Kendrick. They are all you have left. 









Lose these people, and you might as well die yourself. Use the hunger to defend them, not to hurt them.


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