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A Massacre. Journal Entry by Antonio Agostino

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A true story.

(Just to set the tone, if you will.)


There would be no date upon a crumbled, stained piece of paper. Each letter of each word of each sentence would appear shaken, but carefully transcribed. 

A massacre. 

The morality of man dwindles like food and trust itself.

At least eight peaceful travelers... Dead for no true cause. Killed by the hand of those worse than true evil. I barely knew any of these men, but they came together, put aside their safety to assist the function of a gathering. They put themselves in danger simply to coexist with others who share the same morals.

A group of three men approach from the east. They looked ragtag, they had no sort of uniform, not even a nice getup. Civilian clothing and I could barely understand them. Dark skinned men, hard to understand, but their motives were not hard to understand, no. Their motives were clear from the start, they were there to stir up trouble; to desecrate our peaceful gathering. It started with them acting as if they were there with no motive, just some more passing scavengers, there to loot like the rest of us. Except their attitude was different, they seemed to want nothing to do with the rest of us. It was only about three minutes before they came to me and started asking: "Where is your leader?". It sounded like something an alien from a 1930's horror film would say. But these were no aliens, it is not 1930, and this is no film... This is real life, sadly.

They were demanding for our 'leader'. As if a group of ragtag individuals had an organized leader... A group of lost souls trying to find a place that they could feel safe, for just a small moment in this nick of time. A group of insignificant nobodies in a world that has no care for the weak or the kind. The men continued to get more and more hostile. I am no fool though, I will bow to no man, especially not in this world. Do not take my kindness for weakness by any means. Eventually it came to the point where the men who were with us stood their ground; WE stood our ground. We came together in a time of crisis and tried to work together to show sad men the power of unity. But unity and hope does not stop bullets.

The situation escalated even more, one of my closer friends in the group raised his rifle to the man and demanded that he leave. He demanded that the nonsense be stopped. Threats were thrown at us, claiming we know nothing of the danger that we create for ourselves. They claimed they had men stationed all over, watching us. I called his bluff, but responded anyways. I told him I knew he had men stationed outside in the trees, and so did I. Our men were even behind theirs, ready to strike at the drop of a pin. This was a war waiting to happen, right versus wrong, and I was glad to be on the right side.

The truth is... His bluff was no bluff, and my promises were nothing but a bluff. I circled around behind the men as my men argued with them openly. I took up a good position to prepare for a fight, as I knew it was going down and we were obviously outnumbered, my bluff was not working. The first shot rang out, one of his men dead. A 7.62 round out of a kalashnikov opened a portal to hell in his skull. Immediately after, before I could even register what happened, someone with a rifle was spraying into the crowd from the east, in the woods. I reacted quickly, shouldering my shorty AK, and unloading thirty-one rounds at the man in the woods, suppressing. I turned and ran for cover as soon as possible, diving onto my stomach underneath a bush, reloading my magazine with a fresh one. I was ready to die, but not without taking someone out with me.

At this point I looked back to the  crowd, two men had turned against us and everyone on my side was dead... Even my friends who I just met a day ago. And I thought we'd go far together, we functioned great as a team, we just worked. I was alone, alone in a sea of blood. The remaining enemies surrounded me as I lie in a grove of bushes, but it appeared they were still unsure of my position. Thank god for this suppressor. As the idiots stumbled around looking for me, I raised to a crouching position and looked in the woods to the west, there were two men in trees, looking for me. I shouldered my rifle once again, and took two aimed shots at both of their chests, snapping from one to the next. I then held down the trigger and controlled the spray into the wooded area around them. Immediately after I hit the deck and manually reloaded my magazines as fast as humanly possible. It was at this moment that I lost all hope. I looked back to the woods to see how effective I was on target, when a group, near squadron size, emerged from the woods. Their formation was laughable, but their numbers were not. They were charging straight for me, and I shouldered my rifle for the third time, as I laid there, accepting my fate.

I could hear only three things: my heartbeat like a drum, my ears ringing from all the gunfire, and the vibrations of at least sixteen individual feet rolling past my head. As I lay motionless in the grass, the men sprint right past me. They spread out throughout the compound, tent by tent, trying to find me. It must be my imagination, I'm already dead, this isn't happening. I wait for what felt like an hour, when in reality was only about thirty seconds. I stand up, toss my weapon on its sling to my back, and charge for the next closest cover to the north. I sprint from cover to cover, gasping for breath as I run. My god I've never run so fast in my life. My god.. I've never been so scared in my life...

I made it. I'm outside of the compound when I hear more gunfire, directed at my position. I don't look back, I don't think, I just run. I run into the woods and just keep running. I sprinted for five minutes, my legs never gave nor did my will to live. I made it. I was somewhere in the woods I've never seen before, but that didn't matter, what matters is that I'm alive, and even unscathed. I didn't even take a hit, and I don't know how many men I killed in the process. 

I made it.

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Awesome, really well written! Would love to see more like this from you.

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Awesome, really well written! Would love to see more like this from you.

Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. I'll probably do more if people actually enjoy reading it. Personally I'm not a big reader so I don't understand it but hey, it is what it is.

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