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Message to Jim Recker {OPEN}

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Paks    17

*Radio transmission begins with static*

This is Leo broadcasting to Jim Recker.

We *muffled cough* have had a unfortunate outcome to our last meeting, I wish to contact you to continue relations without bullets flying this time. I offer a meeting with you, no guns or aggression just two men coming to a resolution. 

*Static continues til the radio goes silent*

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Otter    103

Jim picks up his radio as he pulls a little shrapnel out of his vest.

"Alright pal, you do seem like a reasonable guy who was surrounded by amateurs. I might be willing to talk to you again. Lose the scrubs and come talk to me in a few days. You can reach me on 104.4. Like I told you and your guys before they did something incredibly stupid, I am a good friend, and you don't want me as an enemy. If any of your boys survived, maybe they can take that lesson with them going forward. Don't give lip to people you don't know."

Jim puts away his radio and continues pulling some metal fragments out of his vest. He mutters to himself about friendly fire and the advantages of wearing ballistic protection.

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