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To Alice or Katerina ( Private Freq )

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*Eliane sits up on a rock beside Emmrich, as she holds in the PTT button birds can be heard overhead companied with a slight breeze* 

Hey um...Alice..or Katerina which ever one of you hears this i um..i am back i guess? 

*She sighs and sounds more nervous as she speaks*

Umm..I am currently with a new group of people..they are really nice. 

We um..are down in Cherno by the big tower thats where we live so um..

If you want to meet up or something..i dont fucking know..like reply or...just show up?


*She sighs and realease the PTT button and continues her conversation with Emmrich*

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Katerina paces back and forth in the small building and curses softly when she hears her radio go off.

She pauses for a moment hearing Eliane and frowns before pressing the button down to respond, Her vice soft when she speaks.

"Eliane... It is good to hear that you are back, 

as for which one of us will hear it, technically we both do, we both hear just about everything."

She pauses and a second voice can be heard before she continues.

"As for me coming to visit, I'm in the middle of something right now.

But I will come see you all when I am able, until then you know how to reach me."

She can briefly be heard arguing with someone rather loudly before the button is released and the radio goes silent.

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