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''open freq''

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Cloudy    0

*His heart still beating fast and heavy breathing , can be heard as he pushes down the PTT button and with a quiet voice says*

I've found a couple of hostages taken in Grishino...

*He pauses and looks arround*

It appears to be the Clowns as I've managed to get to he window without them seeing me...

*He pauses again*

If anyone ca-

*The transmision stops as he sees a couple of them run out.*

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Hexiee    3

*Johnny listens to the transmission and begins to shake his head, spitting on the floor*

"sounds like you're in a bit of a pickle mate."

*He chuckles as he imagines the situation the poor guy is in*

"oh well, you're probably dead now anyways...*

*Johnny removes his thumb from the transmission and goes back to what he was previously doing*

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