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New Update + Joining

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Currently I am really enjoying the newest update for DayZ itself. The major improvement in frames is like night and day and the new user interface gives the game a fresh new feeling. With that In mind my friend recommended this community to me as he seems to have a good time on the servers. Looking forward to more depth than the usual KOS. The new update allowing for higher graphics and better FPS may allow the game to become more immersive as I no longer have to use the lowest settings.

What are your experiences with the new patch in terms of it changing the feeling of RP?

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I'm sure you'll have a dank time playing here.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like the new update... Before .60 I had such bad frames I had to stay away from firefights/big towns. Now I can get 120+ FPS in Cherno etc. It's so sexy.

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