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Channel 94.1 Rhodesian Radio {OPEN BROADCAST}

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*You hear static, then a moment of silence, before the return of static. A man's voice suddenly appears on the frequency, amid gunshots and chanting men outside, he begins his announcement through this terribly broken broadcast radio.*

Hello and welcome to Rhodesian Radio. This is the first ever broadcast, and we will start off with news about the Republic of New Rhodesia before moving on to South Zagoria as a who- *static holds for the next 30 seconds during what you can assume are weather broadcasts.* The interim government of the Republic of New Rhodesia highly condemns its lacking public health sector. We are here to gravely announce the death of Prime Minister Kyle Evans, who died last night due to an infected wound.  From now on, Anton Van Rooyen, former South African MP for Transvaal and UN Ambassador to Takistan, will take over as our Prime Minister. It is with the highest of regards we give towards former Prime Minister Evans' death, and we look forward to carrying on his dream of a unified South Zagorian state that can shine a beacon of hope among this instability. We will return shortly after this song. 


*The broadcast returns, with the song finally fading out after a couple minutes* 

News have apparently broke over a small radio frequency that the settlement of Kabanino has been attacked, and all traders executed, reports say an alleged six people were killed in the fighting. Our condolences go to the people of Kabanino, and the Rhodesian Broadcast Corporation strongly advises avoiding Kabanino and the towns around it. 

On a more munda- *more static* Goddamnit can't Anton provide us with a decent technician? Oh shit we're still broadcasting! On a more mundane subject Rhodesian Radio is looking for skilled technicians to help us repair our broadcast station.

This is Danie Joubert, your anchorman at Rhodesian Radio, signing off. 


*At the end of the song, the broadcast abruptly cuts, leaving the frequency filled with static yet again.*

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