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Chernarus Live Radio (Tunes & News)

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You're Listening to Chernarus Live Radio 

Let's Go A-Wandering Together!


This is Caddy Casement broadcasting on open frequency from my bunker basement. 

I was scratching my noggin and wondering what happened to the news, remember the news? 

Folk used to know what was going on in the world simply by tuning their radios, there was even music! Sweet, sweet music. 

So I figured I'd test the waters and turn this Shortwave and my dusty stack of records into your one-stop shop for:

  • News
  • Music
  • Faction Propaganda

Anyone catching this frequency come on back and lemme know your feedback.


This is your host, Caddy Casement, wishing you the best of luck! 



Chernarus Live Radio is part spiritual successor, part revival project for the original Chernarus Live Radio, hosted by the excellent Frayzies back in the old days of the mod. While lacking the production skills of the incredible original, I'm hoping to smooth out some of the rough edges in future broadcasts, which will ideally be twice weekly depending on demand. Ultimately this little IC project exists to bolster my current characters story, and throw my own effort behind the excellent RP'ing that already exists both here and on the servers. It may be a one-episode affair should he die ingame. Any and all feedback or material you wish to be broadcast is much appreciated. Keep an eye out for ole' Caddy Casement on your travels. 

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Howdy there folks, this is Caddy Casement, broadcasting from my new digs on Otmel island, spinning records and bringing you all the news and current events on our beautiful Chernarus. 

That's the plan anyway... 

So sit back, relax, and tune your walkie talkies to my latest broadcast.



This is Chernarus Live Radio! 

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