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Reports from the Wasteland

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Christopher Watson here, reporting in, I don't know how much signal this will get, or where the hell it will transmit to, but that doesn't matter. The town, I think it was called Chernogorsk or something like that, one of the natives told me about it, I checked it out, it's a ghost town, everything is ravaged, destroyed vehicles everywhere, and only the dead ones are walking.

I found some things, some ripped up clothes, barely enough food for myself, and it was expired, but I had to eat it anyways. The beans tasted horrid, but I guess you get what you get when the world turns like this. I don't know if I'll get anything back from this signal, I found this radio, but the antenna is a bit bent, and the bottom is busted. If anyone hears this please respond. I repeat please respond.


I met two men in Chernogorsk, named James Wolf, and Jesse Smith. They are interesting to say the least, and a refreshing laugh in a world where sadness and depression has seem to taken over, we found a truck, and it ended up getting stuck, and well Jesse and Wolf had the great idea of shooting all the tires so if we couldn't drive it no one could drive the truck. I will report more in the morning. I still have no idea if anyone is hearing any of this, maybe I should stick to pen and paper as well?

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