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Calling All Survivors [Open Freq]

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*Ryan quietly weighs the radio in his grasp for a few moments while looking over the spread out contents of his pack, shaking his head with a faint chuckle before looking out from under the shade of the tree he'd been resting under and down at the coast line down the hill; clicking in the PTT as he smiled*

"To anyone receiving this transmission; Know that you are not alone. Know; that there are still good people out there, even if at times it feels like they've all been lost."

*Releasing the button, he'd look over the battered radio and battery he'd managed to scrape together before pressing the PTT once more and looking out toward the coastline*

"Some of you have met me on these troubled roads, others may have heard about me from those I've met. My name is Ryan Fontaine, formerly a Paramedic before the world decided to pull a B-Movie on us and went down the shitter."

*A brief pause would follow, though a soft chuckle could be heard as he didn't release the PTT; seemingly amused at his own quip before clearing his throat and continuing*

"If you are in need of aid, and you see me on my travels; flag me down and let me know you need my help. My supplies are limited to what I can scrape together; but I can still do my duty, even now... and it's hard to miss a man in full medical scrubs!"

"I don't know how well this radio will hold up, or if it's got much life left in it; but I'll try to keep this frequency active if I can.. but if not; know I'm out there, and I will help you if I can.

Ryan Fontaine, The Hyena; Signing off."

*releasing the button, he'd let out a soft sigh while leaning back against the tree and clipping the radio atop his pack, starting to carefully tuck his supplies back into it in preparation for heading out on his rounds* "Gonna be a long day."

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*As Victor is cleaning his rifle he overhears muffled voices coming from the radio in his backpack. He pulls his backpack to him fishing out his radio and decides to reply to the man on the other end*

'Ha last time I went to a doctor for help him pumped me full of drugs to knock me out and then ran off with all my shit. Unfortunately he didn't run far enough......I think you know the rest'.

*Vic throws the radio back into his backpack and continues to clean his rifle*.

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