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Message to the Lovec (77.1 - Private Frequency)

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*Connor sits on top of an apartment complex, hoping his old radio works*

"This is Connor Winters from The Roamers... most of you know me. I have a message for Alex, your leader."


"I know Lukeh disappeared. And I don't know if you even have knowledge on where he is, or if he is even alive. But you should know..*

*pauses for a second, but then continues*


"I found him"

*puts down radio, awaiting response*

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*Alex grips his radio tightly*

"Bring him to me."

*Alex puts his radio away*

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*Grabs his radio quickily to respond*

"I am sorry... he's gone. He disappeared. At first I didn't even realise it was him. He covered his face.

He was at the North-West Airfield."

*Pauses for a minute, feeling guilty*

"I'll keep looking for him"

*ceases transmission*

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*Lukeh stops chopping sticks for fire, grabs is outdated radio and pushes down the talk button. He speaks*

"Ohh yes, now Connor. Although it has been some time since we did bump into each other. I would have you know that I have been leaving dead drop radio messages for Alex. I have informing Alex all along of my health and situation".

"But Connor, thank you. To see that you have actually used your valuable time to contact Alex makes me smile. I'm happy that you are one of those very few loyal people I have left".

Oh and Connor, I have been keeping track of these so called fanatics that have been pestering your group. Do not worry, they will gone shortly. If not from being crushed or to just shutting the fuck up".

*Lukeh laughs, then cranks off the radio and continues chopping*

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