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Have you seen her?

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DustyBen    0

*like every evening he grabs the radio and starts transmitting, his voice is dejected*

Hello survivors.

You might be sick of this like I am.

But I need to ask you.

I am looking for a girl, a young woman... still.

She's about 1,70m high, has dark long hair and brown eyes.

She wears a a silver necklace with the initials B an A.

If you have seen her or have any information where i can find her, please contact me.

No matter if she's alive ... or dead.

*lays the radio down, a single tear drop runs down his face*

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*As he sits by the fire , with the radio in his hands , he hears a man describing a missing person , he holds down the PTT button , and with a calm voice says*

Tell me the name , a name would be usefull.

*You can hear the fire cracking in the background*

Don't lose hope , whatever you do.

*He let's go of the PTT button and stares into the fire*

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jason hunter    56

*As Abrajam hears the man's voice through his radio he looks a bit sad, He picks up his radio and holds down the transmission button*

Look.....first of where have you last seen her, there might be something there she left behind a clue or something.

Seconds....we will be needing a name if we are gonna ask around.

And third...i will do anything i can to find her and bring her back to you...you have my word on that.

*He turns off his radio and heads towards Vybor*

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*Choy sits up against the shed, looking up at the stars. Suddenly he hears the broadcast and pulls his radio out of his pocket*

I had a run in with a woman who seemed to match the description of yours, couldn't catch her name but she mentioned something of a settlement near Vybor

*Choy shuffles around and finds a comfortable position to sleep*

She seemed to be in a hurry, scared of me. Anyway that's all I know, good luck friend. 

*Choy releases the transmit button and shuts his eyes*

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