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Public vs. Private characters

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Before I'll start - yes, I've used Google and found out the answers to this question but they're relatively old so I'm not really sure if this still applies as of .60 patch since I haven't checked that myself while playing. Okay so I have a character on DayZRP servers, yes? Let's assume that I'd log into one of the public servers, play a bit, gear up etc. etc and then went back to the DayZRP servers later. Will my DayZRP character (with all his loot, clothes etc.) still be here or will it be wiped? I'm guessing that he won't disapear since from what I know we have our own private hive to which our servers are connected but I just want to clarify things.

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Public hives share data so your char would cross over to other public hive servers.

Private Shards are different since they only communicate with those linked too it I.E S1/2/3/4.

So no, no bringing outside loot in to DayZRP from your pub exploits.

Edit: It would appear I misunderstood the question a little so no, your char will not be wiped as the public hives will retain the data like DayZRP server retain your chars data for the next time you join.

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It will still be there.

Public hive characters are shared amongst all Public hive servers.

Private hives such as DayZRP are only shared amongst their own specific private hives. So your DayZRP hive character is only on DayZRP servers. Additionally, You could join a different private hive and have a separate character on that. (Separate to both your Public AND DayZRP character)

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I understand. Thank you for quick replies. Like I said, I wanted to clarify things because recently a friend invited me to play on public server but since it's .60 I wasn't sure if I'd lose a DayZRP character because of that. I mean, I was pretty sure I wouldn't since it didn't worked that way in previous patches but I just wanted to know if anything changed recently.

I guess this thread can be marked as solved. ;)

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