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What's the deal with old accounts?

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Hi, so a few months back I applied for a whitelist. However, with exams happening right now I didn't get alot of time in. Exams are ending and I wil be done by Monday. I tried connecting to the server and It couldn't connect. I didn't get any error message it just does not load. I then tried to log in to my account on this site. Chrome seemed to have saved my details but apparently the details were invalid. I kept trying possible combinations of username and passwords. There could be a chance that I just haven,t figured out my details but I'm sure I would of used this email address. But apparently the email was not part of any account.

So basically I'm just wondering if inactive accounts get disabled and un-whitelisted.

If not I would Appreciate if someone (with the power to do so) could look for my account, It would probably have  a similar alias to this.

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I see that you had an account, but it was pruned after 30 days because it wasn't activated properly. You will have to get re-whitelisted unfortunately. And since you posted this question, your new account was activated, so it shouldn't be removed again.

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