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Lakeland Nolan

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//i have to go and will be gone for a few days but when i get back ill update this with a much better format/fancy pictures

Born and raised in a small town during the Cold War, Lakeland Nolan was raised by his parents to fear the outside world. Patriotism was a common theme of his childhood, as it were for many kids during that time. The constant fear of total and utter annihilation lingered over their heads, the world's fate teeter-tottering back and forth during heated political negotiations. As a child, Lakeland never quite grasped the concept of guaranteed mutual destruction- one of the only factors keeping the missiles at bay on either side. Instead, he felt as though it was only a matter of time before someone launched a missile that would end his way of life. This fear drifted away with time, as did the Cold War. It was the same for many other people, as well. The idea of somebodies way of life could be destroyed in only a matter of days seemed unthinkable only several years after it was a reality which seemed to control the day-to-day lives of millions.


As he continued to grow, Lakeland took an interest in biology. Being able to understand his existence (even in the most trivial sense) seemed to intrigue him. He pursued this new dream of his straight through university and landed himself a position as a pediatrician at the local doctor's office in his birth-town. Lakeland, now Dr. Nolan, became a well-respected member of the community. He was known around all parts of the town as the place to send the sick child. He garnered some feeling of joy from helping the children- he enabled those children's future. Without him, he thought, these children's future is not guaranteed. They could die without him, at least believed so in his mind.


That feeling from earlier in his life, the one of how somebodies life could be torn apart in a matter of days, never left Lakeland. He feared that since neither Russia nor the United States never truly dismantled their supply of missile from the Cold War that a nuclear fallout was a very plausible outcome of any political mishap. He was the only one in that small-town to build himself a new home then ask for a nuclear fallout shelter- something that hadn't been asked for in quite some time. He stocked it with non-perishable food, radios, flares, and pretty much anything you'd need to truly survive in a post-apocalyptic environment. He truly believed that by doing this he'd be guaranteeing the survival of both himself and his family.  


In 2009, upon seeing the faces of a war-torn nation's children Lakeland decided to join his local church for a missionary trip to Chernarus. The trip, described as a "truly Christian effort to help those in need" was never actually about religion for the Doctor, but by joining the church he would have all the resources he'd need to truly help the children in the crippled nation of Chernarus. The trip was only supposed to last three months, but was cut short as the rise of revolutionary attacks throughout the country began to interfere with their efforts. At this point, though, Lakeland could not leave. He had embedded himself in the culture, the children's life, their families, he was an important factor in their life. Just as how he had believed that if he left the lives of the children back home they'd die, he once again bore the mindset, though ill-conceived, of some sort of medical-knight protector for these children.


One of the families of which he had helped during the first few months of his stay decided to take him in, allowing him to set up a sort of triage in the home for those who are sick or injured to come for consultation and treatment. Although his speciality was still in pediatrics, he made the permanent exception for the people of Chernarus- they had little access to medical assistance. Little sicknesses which would barely phase someone in the US could scar for life if not kill somebody in Chernarus.


He once again became well known in his community, for nearly the same reasons. He became the Doctor which every parent would send their kid. The workload was immense- people from a town over would occasionally visit for treatment, although rare, he cherished these moments. The more widespread he could give his aid the more people who would hear of his work, and perhaps the more that would come to him for treatment. In return for his work, he asked for little in return but the bare minimum, which was indeed just the materials he used to treat the patients.


Nearing the end of 2013, Lakeland began to miss his family, who at this point was understanding of the situation. The church continued to support his family while he was away. He planned to only stay there for one or two more years, before which he hoped to set up rural clinics which were lacking at the time.


It was in October of 2014 that Lakeland truly felt as thought he couldn't do a single damn thing to help anybody. The communities which he so dearly held onto and loved for the past few years turned on him and each other, acted as though there never was any community. If that wasn't bad enough, the infection which drove men mad spread like wildfire and took no exceptions for children. Almost every Chernorussian child he had treated and saw grow were infected and either went missing or had been killed by local militant forces.


That day in October of 2014, the day Doctor Lakeland Nolans life was torn apart, piece by piece right in front of him. There was nothing he could do to stop the crumbling tower that was his world. Communication with the outside world soon diminished and he had no way to communicate back to his family, the small town that he grew up in, not even his child who had so patiently been awaiting the end of the year, for their Husband, their local Doctor... their father... to return home. No matter how much he had prepared for this day, no matter the foresight of which Lakeland thought he had plenty, there was no way he could have prepared for this.


He was now alone, cold, and void of purpose.

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I can't wait for you to get back and keep on writing! This was a good read :)

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