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Is this a valid reason to kill someone?

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After having my first encounter being robbed by a few people (being under-geared myself), I was wondering if during that situation where I'm being told to stop, put my hands up and drop my gun would I be able to fire on the person/people if they were threatening to kill me?

In my situation a group of 4 people pulled up in a sedan and ended up chasing me through a forest, screeching at me to stop with a few death threats thrown in there. I stopped, and let the group take what they wanted. While they were running off, would I be allowed to shoot them in the back, etc?

I'm still new to this server and I'm just wondering what the situations are that I would be allowed to open fire on somebody. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

Cheers in advance.

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Hi there

If someone initiates on you, you always have KoS rights and the right to shoot them (As long as it doesn't conflict with NVFL)

However, we do encourage to value roleplay over Kos rights and therefore think character development is a lot better than shooting someone.

It can further the progression of your character massivley if you comply and participate in the hostile RP which will leave your character with the memory and form the way your character acts,etc.

If you are alone and a group of 4 people initiates and you open fire on them all, your chances of surviving are very slim.

Always value your character's life.

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When someone says something like "get down or DIE", it is classified as an initiation. Anything around that area of language, where you are being threatened to die and the hostile person is giving a command you are being initiated on.


"Drop your stuff or die"

"Stop running or die"

If you are heavily outnumbered during an initiation it is beast you comply, if four guys have their guns at you and you shoot you will probably die and therefore break the no value for life rule (NVFL).

However, as they run away after robbing you, you gain kos rights on those people for two hours.

So yes as they run off you can kill them.

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Yes, this is a valid reason to kill somebody. But if it is 4 vs 1 and you open fire on them and do not win, you are guilty of NVFL. So unless you are sure you can win you better off complying. Further more because now you can develop in IC grudge against those people and are not forced to forget due to getting killed.

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Alright, Thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't planning on shooting while being chased, wouldn't be the smartest move.

Cannot wait to get more involved in the community, really seem like a great bunch. Thanks again!

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There are many scenarios where you're going to have to gauge the situation before taking hostile action up against somebody who has initiated on you --and it's always better to keep in mind to prioritize the role play first over revenge! 

Some times it is better to just swallow some pride and take a step back from the situation in order to get some better perspective and possibly even some great hostile role play out of it.

As for your question, I believe it was already answered in the above posts, so I'll mark this as solved.

If you have anymore questions, you know which thread to put them in! Or you can always feel free to join the Helpdesk and have a member of staff give you a hand. There's usually always someone in there to help you!

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