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Assorted Quotations From Mishutin Roman Fyodorovich

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"Today our country's money is abroad. They dictate to us from London what kind of constitution we should have. From London they ordered the assassination of Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar, so that the legitimate ties of power in the Russian government would be severed with our Chernarussian government. The West supported the instigators of the Soviet regime that closed everything in our past and gave way to political lunacy in the form of proletarian culture, socialist realism, political-economic socialism, collective farms, Komsomol construction projects, labor camps, and the Spartakiad. But it all suddenly flopped because it was mixed with foreign yeast. The goal was to weaken Russians – if not destroy them entirely, then at least to force them to their knees. They fixed it so that everything that scoundrel American official Allen Dulles once predicted has come true: total corruption, depravity, heathenism, and derision towards everything patriotic. During the Soviet regime, the heroes were Stakanovites and Korchaginites, and now they are Khodorkovskys and Berezovskys. All the television programs spew blood and sperm, violence and depravity. Everything Dulles dreamed about in 1945 has come true in 1985. Once again they've contrived mischief for us. Again they've forced us to open our borders so they could snatch away our best people – 15 million of them and all our wealth." - On the need for Nationalism

"Piece by piece Chernarus is slipping downhill. The sold-out and plundered army, the immoral and perverted culture, the broken down manufacturing, the corrupt government and legislators, the perishing agricultural industry, and the impoverished machine building industry. There's not a single field the greedy dogs haven't dug in. There's not a single natural resource that hasn't been seized by "the chosen" oligarchy. The filth of the souls of these "gentlemen" is compounded by the obtuseness of officials, and its roots were founded in the communist system, and in the system of the "democrat-reformers" of the 1990s." - On the need for Strong Government

"The time has come. We've waited and endured a long time. We've spilled a sea of blood. If the warm current of the Gulf Stream has saved the entire European continent in the west from freezing, then a sea of blood – the peoples' blood – has destroyed Chernarus. Our leaders have been letting the blood out of our veins for the full millennium of the state's existence. Officials have always pursued personal interests and been ruled by mercenary motives. Recall why Prince Vladimir chose Orthodoxy instead of siding with the Western Christian world. Because with Orthodoxy, the leader of the country was the emperor, i.e. an official, and the church was subordinate to him. In the West, however, religion and the pope reigned over all authorities – over the priests and cardinals, to some extent over the Western monarchs, and over the governors of all the territories in the Western Christian world. The Chernarussian prince wanted to reign supreme – to be leader of everything, including the church. Peter the Great further degraded the church by placing it under one of his officials – the Chief Procurator of the Synod, and this has also caused us misfortune. The top has interfered in other spheres of life, too: in economics, business, and the army – which is why we're almost always at war fighting for outside interests." - On the need for Traditional Christian Values


Hey guys, just wanted to show off a bit of what my political-based character believes in. Hopefully this is somewhat interesting! 

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