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Need video clip from a news channel about the outbreak

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As the title says I need video clip from a news channel about the outbreak doesn't need to be long or have much information. Need it for a series I am currently working on which I've been posting about here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-new-really-cool-dayzrp-series

Please do not feel obliged to check out that thread it is merely for those who are interested. If you do look at the thread you'll see the series has been delayed but with 0.60 out we are determined to finish it (even if we had to restart from scratch) anyway part of the video is based when the outbreak is beginning and would really like a clip like i said to use. It isn't a must but it would be really cool and helpful! If anyone could help me out please leave a reply. Please note that it can't be any old clip as whoever owned the clip would have to be ok with me using it so I don't get a copyright strike or anything.


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Have you considered something like this?

That helicopter scene may be fairly easy to recreate using the Arma 2 Mod scene maker thingy (I don't remember what it is called to be honest). Then just do some voice over work for it, add some effects to make it seem like it's a news chopper, etc.

Or, just do it like a radio broadcast like this one

Might be a great way to get what you're after

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Hey Oliv

Thanks so much for the links and the fast reply I really appreciate it!

I'm pretty lazy to be honest so going to try to simply use a clip from that first link and see how that works out if it's not great I'll just have to do something else like your suggestion ;)

Thanks again it really helps!

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