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Thomas Phillips, The first days...

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// Still have to finish formatting the diary entarys to make them interesting.

Tuesday 21st June 2016

It seemed so long ago but yet the memories where still fresh in my mind. The day every thing was stripped from me. My life, Family everything I knew changed in an instant. The life I once knew was just a distant memory, and for days on end it seemed like all I could do was loot houses and run from the un dead. 

Until today where the slightest bit of refuge came my way. People actual people. The first people ive come across since that day, Since that time that it all fell apart. Shamus was his name, He had an Irish accent and he had a friend of some sorts, His friend was a farmer type, he told us to call him boner.

We shared our pasts, It seemed the best way to get to know them. I like to know people for what they were not what the apocalypses made them.

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