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Banana Duck

Hello from Banana Duck & Nana!

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Hello everyone! The names Banana Duck & Nana, we have recently been whitelisted and very much look forward to meeting a lot of you and playing this game the way it was built to be played!

A little about us...

Well bizarrely...we MET in DayZ standalone...that's right...you didn't miss read...

Around 2 years ago, I was crawling around in Berezino when I came across her and her group, her first words to me were "Who the fuck are you?"

A few games later we added each other and started playing other games together (Altis Life/Portal ect) an were both very fond of each other (despite each other not saying)  A little more time later we confessed dem feels about each other so I decided to go over to Germany to meet her. A year and a half later I'm still here and we are still going strong :D

We now both Youtube together and are a very good team, often taking pleasure in each others in game misery! 

We now return to the game where we met to survive once more!

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Hello There Welcome To DayzRP.

Here you can make your dreams come true but follow the rules and don't get banned !

The Lore is something that you want to read also just to get some back ground knowledge (Good Read).

Your a newcomer there is a thread all about being one so go ahead a read that also! (If You would like).

Look out for the Orange names these are the people that will help you with all you problems(Just PM them)

Make friends talk to people that's why we have TS  .

This is the very last thing you want to worry about you can run alone but is scary out there and maybe you want to look for a group .

I may have missed some things out but here are the most important things you want to know but i hope you have a lovely time here.

-Love Cookie!  heart.png

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Hello everyone!

Looking forward to some serious roleplay :)

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Hi there! Welcome both of you to the community! Hope to see you in game :D

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Welcome both of you, glad to have you guys here!

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