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Greetings from Norway!

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My name is Henrik and i've just entered Chernarus and i'm looking forward to meet y'all ingame!

I'm Norwegian but i've managed to hold on to my British accent i recieved as i lived in York for One Year. You will most likely meet me ingame using the name "Soggy" as it was my nick name in the Russian army (rp story ys i was not in the army IRL) So if you find me, please, dont be afraid to say hi!

I do currently study the art of making films (filming and editing) and i may or may not make a small little film from all the good RP situations i will hopefully meet while playing on the server. ;)

I'm an experienced RP'er as i've been playing on rp servers for 3 years and counting. So i'm hoping that this server will be as good as i've read that it is.

Hoping to meet some fellow Nordics on the server but most importantly, awesome RP!

Seeya ingame!

-Yes i speak Fluent English but my grammar is not the best, so i apologize in advance for my grammar.-

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Morn du!

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^ what he said :)

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Velkommen! Do you mind giving me some of your Norweigan oil? ;)

You will see that there is a lot of "Nordics" here, you will feel like home !:D

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Welcome! You'll definitely run into more than a few Norwegians, we're already everywhere ... ;)

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Germans say I have a Swedish accent in German, so close enough, I shall also welcome you to the community! ;)

The demographic situation on here is very colourful, so you'll meet tonnes of different interesting people. Have fun and good luck, cheers!

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Maybe you can replace some of these irrelevant Norwegians here. Sofie..

Welcome to the Community!

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Welcome to the community Henrik!

You have no idea how happy I am that you don't have that awful Norwegian accent! I always wanted to make films, especially music videos (might not be the same thing but). Maybe if a new trailer for DayZRP competition comes up you should apply!

If you want any mentoring your first period here, check out this list of mentors that will help you if you send them a PM.

Ser fram til å møte deg i spillet. Lykke til!

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Hey! Welcome to the DayZRP Community, my name is Pisces and I'll give you a guide to help you out a little.

Most people new community will need some tips of such to help the in the future to prevent them from being reported in future circumstances. Here are a list of things you can look at before playing on the servers. I know it seems like a lot but trust me it's worth it.

Articles and things which will help you:

Newcomers Guide - As you're a newcomer I advise you read this one first. 

In and Out of Character Rules - We don't want you to get banned now. I know you've probably read this a thousand times but trust, OK?

Frequently Asked Questions!

The Lore - Reading the lore helps to understand what people may be going on about in game!

Solved Reports - Can show you the mistakes of others so you don't do the same!

Groups - If you're feeling a bit lonely in the community apply for a group and see if they take you on!

Mentors - If you are uncertain about things or don't feel as confident enough in roleplay you can always go to a mentor. This is a member of the community which is willing to help newcomers on there roleplay and put them on the right path.

Staff - If you have any questions and want to get a clearer answer the best place to go is staff (you can PM them on here too) or the Questions Thread.

And one final thing which may help I wrote a few things to do and don't right


Enjoy your time on the servers!

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Well, welcome to the community bud, I hope to see some videos/movies from ye, that'll be quite, but nonetheless, I hope ye enjoy your stay and enjoy the roleplay!

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