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To anyone who traveled with Sue and Cid (Open Freq)

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*Tyler picks up his radio holding down his PTT*

So Im guessing no one remembers me. So ill introduce myself once again

My name is Tyler, Tyler Bernard.

*Releases PTT and takes a deep breath then continues*

I haven't heard anything from Sue and Cid in a long time


Finnr I don't know if you are receiving this but I

Wanted to check in.

*Takes another deep breath*

If anyone that traveled with them

is receiving this please


*Releases PTT and trys to fall back to sleep*

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-Finnr clicks on the radio-

No knowledge here either

-Finnr clicks off the radio-

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*Picks up radio holding down PTT*

What about the pornstar

*Takes a moment to think of the girls name*

I can't remember her name 

hows she doing?

Or are you out of country like me?

*Releases PTT setting down radio*

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-Finnr clicks off the radio-

I am semi of the grid, I'm not far from South-Zagoria but it aint like I'm roaming the place either.

Been doing alot of listening like I always do.

Ill be back in S-Z very soon, something intresting is unfolding. Gives me a bit of enjoyement.

However, I have no idea where she went.

-Finnr clicks off the radio-

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Hope looks at her radio, a shocked look on her face as she snatches it from the table close enough to be the floor. Her voice in a fast pace, disbelief.

"T-Tyler!? Wait.... Tyler Bernard?! But.... The French.... They told me you were dead! I'm so... oh my god.... I need to tell Liam..."

She places her radio in her pocket and sprints the best she could to find Liam.

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*Looks at radio and smiles, holding down PTT*

Yes I told them

And they also told me that

you guys didn't give

two shits what happend to me

*Tosses radio down and sits down*

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Hope holds her radio tightly, sighing.

"And that's something I regret. But why the hell did you fake your death? No one was out to get you... In my eyes..."

She pauses for a moment, a heavy sigh down the radio.

"Liam and I... Didn't know what to do. Joseph and I weren't in the right state of mind. I'm sorry Tyler, I am. It may seem like an easy word to say but at least when I say sorry I mean it otherwise what'd be the point of saying it in the first place... I hope you can forgive and forget..."

She places her radio down beside her.

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*Picks up radio holding down PTT*

Ill be back soon

We can talk about this

shit then

*Tosses radio down and

starts packing bags*

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*Max listen's in to the conversation before reaching into his bag for a radio.*

"Tyler? As in the guy from Elektro? Holy shit, It's uhhh Max. Don't know if you really remember me but you gave me a sword. I think."

*He chuckles.*

"Well I said I owed you. You looking for people? I can get my nose stuck into it. Give me a shout. That is if you are the guy I think you are."

*Scratches his head.*

"Well, I will chime out and just listen in for a reply."

*Max tucks his radio into his vest pouch, listening, and walks down the side of the airfield. Breathing in the coastal air.*

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*Tyler picks up his radio holding down his PTT*

Yes Max i remember you

And yes I did give you the sword

*Pauses for a moment then continues*

Yes if you find them

Please tell me if you find them

*Puts radio back on his bed and sits down*

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Alex scoffed as she heard the phrase "the pornstar" come from a familiar voice over the radio. A sly grin crawled along her feminine face as she pressed down the button with a long, painted nail and spoke,

"Porn star checking in, I guess." Her tone of voice spoke clearly that she was rolling her eyes, almost as if the receivers on the other end would be able to see it. "I'm super peachy now that I don't have to listen to Cid and his BDSM partner."

A laugh bubbled out of her throat. "But seriously, Sue and Cid, huh? Haven't heard from them, don't really care either. I suggest you move along and figure whatever it is you have to figure out on your own. They're likely fucking each other's brains out till they're nothing but a puddle on the floor, so if I were you I'd settle on making peace with that."

The porn star smiled wickedly and set the radio on the grass beside her and listened for a response.

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*Flipping through different frequencies on his radio, Harrison overhears the names and listens in.*

Shit, man. I've been lookin' for Cid for a while now. And I think I recognize that other fella's voice, the one that was in all black.

I guess maybe I'll keep listening and see if there's anything, man.

I guess good to hear from you too, dunno if I really recognize you, but seems we got mutual interests and shit.

Catchya around maybe.

*He throws down his radio, turning up the volume a bit to keep listening.*

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*Picks up radio as his eyes widen to hear the 2 new voices*

Well its glad to hear everyones voice yet again

but I have some pretty sad news


We lost Lucky not long back

And sense Sue and Cid are gone that leaves

*Counts out on his hand*

Three, Four of us left 


*Pauses thinking of what to say next*

I know we were never close

But I felt like you guys were my 

Family in a way

*Rubs the back of his neck feeling the scar*

You all stay safe

And maybe ill see you

all again soon

*Sets radio next to him

and sits on the edge of the bed*

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