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Death Of A Samaritan - RIP Brian Hooke

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21st of June, 2016.

Kabanino Chernarus.

Citizen Brian Hooke -

Status: Deceased.

At the scene of an attempted robbery, the peaceful and well-meaning Brian Hooke stepped in to intervene, one of the robbers having seperated from the group. A pacifist at heart, Brian tried to hold the man at gunpoint and find out precisely who they were working for. A friend of Kofi, Citizen Brian did not want to shoot the bandits in-case they were associates of his friend. However, when one of the bandits spotted Brian clutching his trusty Mosin Nagant, instead of raising his hands at gunpoint, he deftly dashed behind a corner. Brian gave chase, his rifle raised, and tried once again to find out where this Bandit had come from, or who he was affiliated to. At this time, Brian entered the building, where he lost site. Half-way up the stairs, Brian heard a voice behind him, and turned around.

It was at this time that the armed gunman opened fire, peppering Brian with military-grade ammunition from an assault rifle.

Sadly, Brian succumbed to his injuries.

At this time, the identity of the killer is unknown.

In these troubling times, our thoughts and condolences go out to Brians friends, family, and comrades.

A letter found on Brian Hookes body reads as follows;

My friends and comrades, it has been a long journey since the events of 2014; almost two years have passed. The infected roam the earth, and maul and destroy everything and everyone they see. These are sad times - day by day our numbers thin ever more, and day by day, only more divisive factions spring up like weeds in th garden of Chernarus.

I am a peaceful man and I know that these times are a trial for us all - but we must stick to our principles and beliefs. If you are reading this note, then it is entirely likely that I am dead - most likely as a direct result of these principles. When all of this started I made a promise to myself that I would never harm another living man, the sole exception being those infected by this plague. If I have not edited this letter, then I have succeeded to this end - and likely paid the ultimate price for it.

I only hope that you do not mourn my loss - but instead remember me for who I was, and what I stood for. We are all pilgrims on a journey, and every one of us is hurt or lost in some way - myself included. But it would be a shame for all my hard work to slip away between the fingers of those I have met, simply because of my death. Always remember name - Brian Hooke - and the kindness I showed you all. From the seed of my love, grow your own kindness, and give it freely to those you meet.

For one. Final. Time.



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Pinky    128

If any survivors never got a chance to meet Brian, you really missed out on a gem.

(For anyone who doesn't know Brian, He was the shop owner syndicate stole from in his first episode.)

Rest in peace, Young Handsome Brian. 

He might be gone, but his teachings and selflessness will always remain in Chernarus as his pupils will never forget him.

And never forgive his killers.

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